About REITS Association of Kenya (RAK)

The REITS Association of Kenya (RAK) was formed primarily to promote the growth of REITs in the Kenyan market. RAK does this by establishing a framework for the development of REITs, creating forums for potential issuers, investors and regulators to engage, partnering with other REITs Associations around the world and catalyzing knowledge transfer and learning experiences, among other initiatives.

What is a REIT?

A REIT is a regulated investment vehicle that enables persons to collectively contribute money or money’s worth as consideration for the acquisition of rights or interests in a trust that is divided into units with the intention of earning profits or income from real estate as beneficiaries of the trust.

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Edward Kirathe



Kenneth Masika

Vice Chairperson


Geoffrey Odundo



Hilda Njoroge, MRICS



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